Fast Track Commercial Specialist

Colony Construction specializes in fast track commercial projects involving multiple trades.  If you are in need of a commercial project where the timeline is tight, please consider our services.

Pizza Hut

We are currently the Prime Contractor for Pizza Hut of Northern California.  Because Pizza Hut nationwide has a new logo and color scheme, the existing stores are all getting remodeled.  With over 600 locations in California, they are are keeping us quite busy.

These projects are extremely challenging because the goal is to get the store open and running again as quickly as possible.  Every day the store is closed for remodeling costs the company money.

Usual remodel turn around for a Pizza Hut location is 5 days.  Imagine remodeling your entire house in just 5 days!

At the beginning of their color scheme and logo change remodel process, Pizza Hut started with 5 contractors.  Each contractor was given 1 location to remodel in under a week.  Colony Construction was the quickest, finishing a day early, securing the contract for future remodels.

Round Table

Our work for Round Table primarily consisted of quick remodel projects that had to be completed in the middle of the night so that the store could open up in the morning.  We also did a considerable amount of Ti (tenant improvement) projects and ground up new construction on their free standing locations.

Back in the 1970's we built some of the first custom salad bars on the West Coast for Round Table. Little did we know what a big deal salads would become in the future.


Working in health care environments brings a whole slew of challenges.  Most construction work is highly regulated and must be pre-approved by the appropriate governing agencies.  All of our work has been performed in locations with residents on site.  This means we must manage aspects of construction we normally don't worry about such as:  noise, smells, and dust.